Black Hibiscus (2008)


Solo exhibition at Fresh Gallery, Otara, mixed materials on objects: coconut scrapers, roti boards, pandanus fans, coconut brushes, lei. 


Black Hibiscus is a site-specific exploration of links between Otara, South Auckland and the Pacific Islands; all the materials and objects are sourced from Otara’s town centre. Being in Otara is an experience the artist finds uneasy yet strangely comfortable, similar to that of being an expatriate in Honiara, the Solomon Islands.  The shops, the signage, the music, the materials and the objects resonate with island connections.  Yet relishing the familiarity of a vibrant Pacifica does nothing to diminish a sense of awkwardness. The works speak of balance / imbalance, of understanding / misunderstanding, of perception / misperception, of voice / non-voice.