"for writing letters and putting stamps on" (2015)


Excerpt from HD film, looped, 9.5min



film stills

"for writing letters and putting stamps on" re-encounters the General Post Office in Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Interwoven archival imagery, contemporary footage, still images and a recorded interview between Stevenson and her father, who designed the building in 1968, juxtapose colonial perspectives with contemporary realities. Stevenson's paper ”Communications Building: Tropical Modern Architecture from West Africa to the Pacific,“ in Proceedings of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand: 31, Translation, edited by Christoph Schnoor (Auckland, New Zealand: SAHANZ and Unitec ePress; and Gold Coast, Queensland: SAHANZ, 2014), 851–863. (Read PDF) expands the historical and contemporary context of this building.