Misaligned Horizons (2011)

Digital prints, 30 x 25cm (2011). Installation for Post Graduate Diploma of FIne Arts, University of Auckland  




In this series the horizon line, as juncture between sea, sky and land, acts as a hinging mechanism. It provides a means of co-ordinating ones position in relationship to a space / place, if not always in usual western terms. In island navigation there's another perspective: a boat is fixed on the ocean while islands and land surge forwards and past in relationship to the vessel. The ubiquity of these family snapshots requires navigating; they elude meaning and embody a sense of refusal. Mis-interpretation and memory-failure interrupt, while in  the reprinting processes the image shifts from analogue to digital and being digitally “corrected” or left “uncorrected”. There's a “slipperiness” in materiality and content: a misalignment.