You Me Now


Set of artist booklets in response to re-visiting several buildings in Honiara built during the colonial period 1960 -1978. Funded by a National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland scholarship. 

7 x A5 soft bound booklets (2011):

  1. You Me Now (text)
  2. Guadalcanal Club 1965
  3. Guadalcanal Post Office 1968
  4. Honiara Public Library 1967
  5. King George Secondary School 1964
  6. Publics Works Department 1961
  7. Solomon Island High Court 1962

Special Collections, Elam Fine Arts Library, University of Auckland


You Me Now is a reference to the Pijin English term, Uminao or Iu Mi Nao. It indicates relationship and time, the incorporation of the past in the present. It could also mean Us Together Now.

This project observes the current state and usage of buildings of colonial infrastructure in Honiara. The buildings, built during the 1960s and 1970s, were of a modernist style of architecture. The work is a double looking, an attempt to “see" the mechanisms of the colonialism and what it presents now. The legacy of colonialism occupies Honiara and the physical colonial infrastructure continues to assert its presence. Not only historically, but in terms of it's complicated incorporation into the economic, political and social fabric of the Solomon Islands.