Me Look You (2010)


Artist books: Me Look You, A3 hardbound book with slipcase, Progression – Corrections / Failures A4 softbound book

Special Collections, Elam School of FIne Arts Library, Auckland University



“Mi Lukim Iu” is Pidgin English for “I see you” or “I am seeing you”, and it can also mean “goodbye” or “see you later”. Here the term encompasses ambiguity, as well as notions of a “gaze” and the activity of looking in relation to time. Images of boats and sea reference location as fluid and unfixed, referring to an Oceanic condition of movement and migration. In examining family archival photographs an “editorial gaze” utilizes the photographer’s looking to try to activate the images; enquiring into the past, and it’s implications in the present. The contemporary viewer’s subjectivity collapses and conflicts with that of the original photographers’. This is interpreted in notations in the accompanying soft bound book Progression – Corrections / Failures, in an attempt to simultaneously track memory as well as the visual processes used to negotiate these images.